Yoga for Beginners – 30 Minute Home Yoga Workout Exercises Video

Yoga for Beginners – 30 Minute Home Yoga Workout Exercises Video

In contrast to the prevailing opinion, yoga brings to the norm not only the physical form.  Its main goal is to improve the physical, mental and spiritual state, bring them to harmony.  Practice is based on this principle: not being able to control your body, a person cannot control his emotions and his life.  In the long run, practicing leads the practitioner to inner silence and peace.

To see the specific result of classes, at the initial one should be engaged at least 1 time per week.  After 6-8 weeks of regular practice, you can increase the number of workouts up to 2 times a week.  The second lesson can already be carried out independently at home.  In the future, it is optimal to engage in three times a week.  Many yogis practice daily.  Regular exercises will teach you to own your own body, develop all muscle groups, increase sensitivity.  Yoga helps to gradually lose weight and get fit.  However, this result will not be fast.

 Also, breathing practices and hatha yoga help get rid of congestion in the body, normalize blood circulation.  This returns the skin a healthy color and freshness. We offer a good yoga practice for beginners that will help you to feel your body. Do it once a week and in one week you will be ready for intermediate level.

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