How to Quit Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes with POD Vape Kits

How to Quit Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes with POD Vape Kits

There are many reasons why people start to vape. Usually, people decide to try vaping after becoming disenfranchised with smoking. Perhaps a doctor has encouraged you to stop smoking. Maybe a family member is fed up with the smell of smoke on your clothes or even when you kiss. Or, perhaps, smoking has become too expensive for you or is imposing on your professional life. Regardless of the reason, smoking is no longer a desired habit. It has lost its sex appeal and there are more pitfalls than there are benefits.

When you decide to give up smoking and turn to vaping, deciding how to vape is extremely important. Vaping truly is a lifestyle decision and you should pay attention to the details, like not only why you want to do it but how you want to do it with careful consideration. Vape pod kits are amongst the most popular devices used to vape and these products offer a great alternative to traditional smoking, which is deadly.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine vaping is proven to be safer than cigarette smoking. In fact, a recent study at Johns Hopkins Medicine has discovered that 7 out of 10 people who smoke are looking to quit smoking and have a plan to replace it with vaping. These people will not be quitting smoking “cold turkey” so to speak. Smoking isn’t simply bad for the person doing it, but the second-hand smoke has many detrimental effects, too. Nearly a third of deaths from heart disease are caused by first or second-hand smoking. That is a third of all smokers and non-smokers dying from heart disease that could be prevented. Vaping, especially using vape pod kits, helps to alleviate this tragic statistic.

So, how do you quit smoking cigarettes using vape pod kids? Well, there are a few steps to start with.

The first step, weening off nicotine with controlled vape usage. Yes, when you smoke cigarettes you are not only doing damage to your body, and to others around you, but you are taking in an incredible amount of nicotine. Vape pod kits can control the amount of nicotine you are taking in, helping you to avoid nicotine withdrawal as your chip away at your smoking habit and replace it with vaping – a safer alternative. Most vape pod kits offer a smaller amount of e-juice products with a certain amount of puffs and a choice of different nicotine percentages.

Someone seeking to quit smoking should really consider vaping because you can self-regulate how you taper off of cigarette smoking. The DISC, for example, has three product options. Users can decide not only the vape flavor but also how much nicotine is contained in their vape pod system. The e-juice comes in options such as 5%, 2%, and 0% nicotine. Users can start off with the 5% nicotine vape product to avoid symptoms of cigrette smoking withdrawal. From there, users can monitor their progress and then start purchasing products with a lesser amount of nicotine. This process may be continued until the former smoker decides to use a vape pod system product continuing no nicotine or the minimum amount of nicotine offered. Remember, when looking to quit smoking and start using vape pod systems, develop a plan as to now only what product you will use but what percentage of nicotine you will start off with and how and when you will taper down- if at all. Remember, some people like benefits associated with THC and are looking to swap out nicotine for TCH or quit nicotine altogether.

Another step to quit smoking cigarettes and start using vape pod systems is cost. Yes, the cost. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes within the United States is nine dollars. If you smoke one pack a day then you are spending 63 dollars a week on cigarettes, or over three thousand dollars a year. This average cost for cigarette smoking does not include related hospital bills since cigrette smoking leaves you more open to viral infections, bronchitis, and more serious and chronic illnesses. It also costs you your reputation. Many employers don’t like to hire traditional smokers because it is proven they take more breaks than non-smokers, they raise company health insurance premiums, and employees who interact with the public can hinder the chance of gaining sales because of the associated smell.

Vape pod systems help save money. In general, vaping costs less per year when compared to smoking. To be more specific, vape pod systems save consumers more money than any other type of vaping apparatus because vape pod systems offer more control over the use of the products.  Products, like the DISC, even offer automation so less product is wasted- saving consumers even more money. Vape pod systems may be more expensive at first, especially when buying a starter kit, but they save people money. Vape pod systems are easy to clean and are reusable. The type of vape juice will vary, too but the cost of these refills are extremely less expensive than buying pack after pack of cigarettes.  Even the most advanced vapers who use a lot throughout the day are still spending significantly less money on an annual basis when compared to the average cigarette smoker.

You can also quit smoking cigarettes using vape pod systems is to embrace the lifestyle change you will experience. Vape pod systems offer many advantages and being inconspicuous is one of them. With products like the DISC, consumers can take a hit of the vape juice without being noticed. Vape pod systems are super convenient these days and most are very small. One lifestyle change you can embrace, as an example, is vaping from inside your place of employment. Not everyone works on the first floor of a building or can easily make it outside and back in a traditional fifteen-minute break to smoke a traditional cigrette. Plus, smoking traditional cigarettes on authorized breaks will leave a stale tobacco smell that can be a dead give away.

Vape pod systems solve this problem by creating an option for a positive lifestyle change. Small vape pod systems often are accompanied by a long-lasting battery feature. This allows someone to vape anytime, anywhere without being noticed or wasting time to travel to a designated smoking area. Being able to utilize a vape pod system can literally be used from anywhere, which frees up time.

The last way you can quit smoking by introducing vape pod systems is to buy a product that stimulates the reward system in your brain. This means the more flavor options available for that vape pod system, the better. Cigarette smoking creates both a physical and psychological dependence.  The very act of having a cigarette in one’s hand is addictive. People sometimes smoke simply for the act of smoking or to be included in social circles. But weaning off of traditional cigarettes and replacing it with vaping isn’t sometimes enough to cause the switchover. A good way to offset losing one habit and creating another, much healthier, habit with vaping is to feed the dopamine need on the psychological side. Trying a variety of vape flavors can offset the transition but creating new experiences with a variety of flavors, thus increating the amount of dopamine released by the brain.

Vape pod systems should offer a variety of flavors that are easy to swap out and try when you are looking to quit traditional smoking. Of course, most vape juices come in a version of tobacco flavors, fruit and baked good flavors are usually offered for vape pod products. Mint, peach, vanilla, apple pie, and other flavors give vapers a reason to try new vape juice for their vape pod systems- keeping the attention off of quitting smoking and on the new effort to transition to vaping.

Vape pod systems are a good option for smokers looking to quit. Outside of the many health benefits, the improvement to one’s lifestyle when making the choice to go with a vape pod system versus traditional smoking is a valid reason to make the change. Vape pod systems are a lot safer than any other product on the market to help people quit smoking. While vaping is easier on the lungs, offers more nicotine control, and provides more mobility without being noticed, products like nicotine patches can cause dizziness, skin rashes, racing heartbeat, and usually are very costly.

Vape pod systems are easy to use, save money when considering the long-term, offer exciting flavors, and these vaping systems usually last all-day after a full charge. Using a vape pod system, like DISC, to quit smoking is almost a no-brainer. Plus, it is proven that vaping is an effective, healthier, and long-term solution to sustain the actual cease of cigarette use. The best way to start is to make a decision to use a vape pod system and then to research the best vape products available for purchase.

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