Full Review of The Vegan Delight Cannabis Chocolate by Queen Sativa

Full Review of The Vegan Delight Cannabis Chocolate by Queen Sativa

In this article, I’ll be reviewing 40% Vegan Delight Full Spectrum (320mg) Cannabis Chocolate by Queen Sativa

Chocolates have a strong connection with childhood. It’s the forbidden fruit almost all of us have cried for. Although for a lot of us chocolates might still hold the same place, but a bit more accessible. 

Despite being told of its negative impacts on the teeth and other health aspects, having it has always been undefinably satisfying regardless of age. 

But who knew one day some genius would finally put forth some efforts to make chocolates healthy and a harmless guilty pleasure! First CBD gummies, then bath bombs, and now even chocolates are being infused with CBD to make them healthier than ever before. 

CBD or cannabidiol is the second most common active component of the marijuana plant and accounts for up to 40% of the plant extracts. The first one is THC which unlike CBD gets the user high, whereas CBD offers a ton of health benefits without manipulating your mental state even for a nanosecond. Hence, CBD-based chocolates are a safe way to relieve stress and anxiety and live a peaceful, healthy life. 

Before jumping to the yummy chocolate, let’s first introduce to you the amazing brand that has made it possible – Queen Sativa. 

About Queen Sativa

Queen Sativa is a Netherland-based supplier of one of the highest quality CBD and wellness products with their specialty being the amazing chocolate bars.  

Deploying science-based and advanced formulations, the brand strives to provide only the best to society. The brand is particularly known for its clean, organic, and vegan products that also score the highest on flavor tests. Here are some of the most prominent features of their products

  • 100% organic and safe cannabis-based
  • GMO-free
  • Free from pesticides and heavy metals
  • Tested by authorized laboratories

This certifies that you’ll only be getting the safest and the most effective products from the brand. For further, the assurance they offer lab test reports for the users to be fully satisfied before consuming a product. In fact, the products have been double-checked for safety and effectiveness. 

The brand uses exceptionally high-quality ingredients all of which are acquired from within the states against considerable premium to support farmers and other suppliers. The cocoa beans in one of its products “High Cacao”, for example, have been obtained from small cooperative farms in the Dominican Republic and Panama. Thus, they make sure to support their own people instead of importing products. 

The brand follows the bean-to-bar production method that according to experts is a state-of-the-art processing technique that efficiently retains the bounties of the wholesome cocoa beans – the essential components and the aroma.

Apart from social and commercial responsibilities, the brand also plays its role in improving environmental conditions. It uses a 100% biodegradable plastic-free packaging that unlike other brands’ products does not add to the trash pile destroying the peace of land and water. Instead, their packaging is based on forest authority certified cardboards, compostable films, and oil-free inks. 

Needless to say, the brand maintains high standards throughout the procedures of procurement, production, and distribution. 

Without any further ado, let’s dive deeper into the review of the product – Full Spectrum Cannabis Chocolate.

Vegan Delight Full Spectrum Cannabis Chocolate by Queen Sativa

Vegan Delight is the perfect way to have a healthy and stress-free life for sweet lovers. Healthy is not always tasty, or at least that’s what most of us have seen all this time. With that in mind, despite the clear description on the website, I wasn’t expecting this chocolate bar to be anything enjoyable. However, it had me in awe at just the first bite that I could not resist taking another. 

It has a creamy and irresistible sweet taste that feels like melting in the mouth while not only satisfying your sweet cravings but also fading your stress and anxiety. That brings me to its most important component – CBD. The bar is packed with 320 mg of hemp which imparts the taste of a cannabis flower, perfectly complementing the overall taste – absolutely not something to complain about. 

It contains raw cane sugar, hazelnut paste, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, natural hemp flavor, dried rice syrup, and vanilla extract. It’s completely organic and palm oil-free so there is mainly zero chance of any allergic reactions or side-effects. 

Since the brand uses full-spectrum CBD, it is able to provide the amazing health benefits of the plant in the purest form possible. Their production methods, unlike others, do not involve high temperatures or aggressive chemicals that damage the essential components, depriving the users of their benefits. Instead, this bar is loaded with more than a hundred Phyto-active compounds. 

Each bite of this bar offers the perfect blend of cocoa and CBD that along with delighting your taste buds also helps you clear your mind, bring back your focus, stay alert, relieve stress and anxiety, combat inflammation, and improve sleep quality. 

I used to take 2 squares after lunch to complete my meal and easily deal with the day ahead. Since there are no strict guidelines about its consumption, at times I found myself crawling back to it by the end of the day for two more squares.  


Queen Sativa is a reliable CBD brand that follows the highest standards of transparency and efficiency in all of its dealings and functionality. Their products are double-checked and their reports are easily accessible. Moreover, it actively plays its part in social and environmental betterment to promote a sustainable society. 

The Vegan Delight offers a delectable combo of CBD and cocoa that is super effective against stress, anxiety, and inflammation. It boosts mood and clears the mind to improve concentration and productivity. Thus, I’d highly recommend this new form of chocolate especially to those kept away from it all their childhood. 

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