Full Review of the Entire Planetarie CBD Products Line

Full Review of the Entire Planetarie CBD Products Line

Planetarie CBDa Product Line -Full Review

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the full range of CBD products by Planetarie that comprises of CBDA drink additiveCBDA InfusionsCBDA SoftgelsCBDA Unscented Topical SalveCBDA Topical Salve, and Pink Grapefruit Scented.

Before I dive into the detailed review, I’d like to share Planetaries social mission that really encouraged me to try them out and share them with you so we can collectively help each other.

The brand aims to utilize CBDa to the best of its potential for the betterment of human health all over the world while maintaining the highest environmental standards.

With increasing environmental and human health concerns, it feels good to support a brand working hard to not add to these issues. Since I had the chance to speak to Stacy -the CEO of the company who coordinated with me for this review, I could feel the energy and determination she and her team had towards their goal.   

The best thing that instantly built my trust in the brand was the fact that they do not depend upon other’s researches, instead, all the team members have been personally experimenting with various CBD products to ensure that they create the highest quality products for others.

Another offering that I really appreciate is their wholesale facility. They provide CBDA in raw form that can be added to various products to infuse CBDa benefits in them. Though one has to follow some restrictions on the type of products to use for the purpose, their raw CBDa generally does not have any side-effect neither does it react with other products. Thus, for anybody who does not want to buy CBDa-based products, but the CBDa alone, can go for this option.

CBDa Extraction Process

Since I have reviewed a lot of CBD products, discussing a little more about the main constituent of this product line, CBDa, is worth mentioning. 

The prime difference between CBD and CBDa is their method of extraction. for the extraction of CBD the hemp undergoes a heat process, while for CBDa it passes through a water-based extraction process. 

 Here are the main features of both the process so you can easily differentiate between them.

Water Extraction

  • Preserves the raw form CBD
  • Extricates rare cannabinoid including CBDVa, CBCa, and CBGa
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-destructive to the hemp plant itself
  • Does not involve harsh chemicals or additives

Heat Extraction

  • Does not retain the raw form
  • Destructive to the plant
  • Creates non-environment-friendly byproducts
  • Involves chemicals

When it comes to Planetarie’s CBDa, the quality gets unbeatable. They use exceptional quality Colorado-grown hemp plants that are the third-party tested for quality assurance. The brand has provided online certificates of analysis for each product.

CBDa Drink Additive

CBDa Drink Additive is made up of Zemea USP-FCC Propanediol, CBDa (1500 mg), and CBD. Zemea USP-FCC Propanediol is a naturally-derived solvent that acts as a carrier for extracts and flavors. It is added to reduce the overall bitterness of the additive and grant it a pleasurable sweet perception. This bio-based flavor carrier is a great alternative to petroleum glycol. It has a better taste profile and less viscosity. Moreover, it has an environment-friendly production method that is marked with reduced emission of greenhouse gasses and energy consumption, hence, reflecting the brand’s mission.

The additive contains less than is 0.3% THC which makes it safe for consumption. The CBDa content does the main task of releasing inflammation.

I used them regularly for about a month without any side-effects. The best thing about these drink additives is that they can be used with almost any juice, smoothie, coffee, and even water without ruining its appearance or taste. Moreover, since it’s water-soluble, I didn’t have to stir it for even 30 seconds and it was already all settled. I loved it with apple juice, but I also tried mixing it with plain drinking water and it was way better than I expected. Hence, if you do not have any prepared drink at hand, give it a try with water.

Although the additive does not take long to show its anti-inflammatory effects, I enjoyed its taste and convenience which is why I used it longer than most other CBD products I have reviewed.

CBDa Infusion

CBDa infusion is a considerable therapy for anxiety, stress, and nausea. Although I am not suffering from any sort of anxiety, I am under constant stress, but not after this infusion. It calms the mind and body in less than a minute, rejuvenating the energy within to help you keep going through the day without breaking down and crying.

Since stress, especially chronic stress, is a triggering factor for anxiety, the stress-controlling infusion will surely be effective against anxiety as well. I also noticed a prominent difference in my sleep patterns as I started to drift to slumber the moment, I hit the bed, which also improved my sleep quality.  

The infusion consists of organic fractionated coconut oil, organic mint flavor, and CBDa-rich hemp extract. The fractioned coconut oil is made by distilling regular coconut oil to remove long-chain fatty acids, leaving behind only light and odorless coconut oil that retains its liquid form even in the fridge. Due to the ability to retain its form, fractioned coconut oil has been an excellent solvent for this infusion. It allows you to keep it almost anywhere without worrying about the temperature. Also, you do not have to wait for the infusion to get in a usable form before consuming it.

Another thing that I liked regarding the use of this type of coconut oil in the infusion is its tasteless and odorless nature. It is free of that typical coconut oil taste which I can’t stand, don’t know about you. Although its odor is not as irritating, it is pleasurable neither. Thus, thanks to Planetarie for such a thoughtful product.

Bonus: a little research told me that fractional coconut oil also contributes to calories burn and weight loss. It makes you feel fuller, which helps you control your food intake.

The natural mint flavor acts as a relish with the tasteless coconut oil. It adds a sweet tinge and leaves a cooling sensation in the mouth. I really enjoyed the pleasurable and refreshing burst of energy it gave me.

The suggested use is to take 1ml or 50mg of the infusion orally, using the dropper to dribble the liquid under the tongue.

Full Review of the Entire Planetarie CBD Products Line

CBDa Softgels

CBDa softgels are a good option for people who do not prefer infusions. It is the easiest way to consume CBDa. The softgels have a cool light orange color that makes them pleasant to stare at, in case you have nothing else to do. Apart from that, it is also quite efficacious in its primary function -reducing inflammation and painful effects associated with it. One capsule was sufficient for me to go through the day. However, if you are taking other medicines for the issue, you better consult your healthcare person about its consumption.

Moving on to its composition, the CBDa softgels consists of organic fractioned coconut oil, gelatin, hemp extract loaded with full-spectrum CBDa. I think I have already said a lot about the CBDa and fractioned coconut oil. The combination grants softgels a tasteless and odorless nature, which makes them easy to consume, unlike those annoying capsules.

The gelatin is used as the shell to coat the liquid fill and give it a definite shape and appearance. Each bottle consists of 60 softgels with each capsule containing 20 mg of CBDa, which means each bottle has a total amount of 1200 mg CBDa.

CBDa Topical Salve Unscented

CBDa topical salve is a quick skin recovery agent and muscle pain reliever. Orally taken CBDa products to offer broad functions, while CBDa topical ointments are mainly for skin protection and recovery. They instantly absorb into the skin, repairing any damage in the external and internal areas. However, it should not be applied to the face or internal body parts.

The CBDa topical salve is made up of beeswax, golden jojoba oil, hemp extract, and CBDa. Jojoba plants have a long history in the making of salves which has widened over time. Initially, their seeds were crushed to make skin ointments and at present, their oil is used for the purpose. The jojoba oil naturally gives the salve a very light nutty scent, though it’s actually hard to detect as the salve is primarily unscented. Moreover, jojoba oil hydrates your skin by retaining moisture which significantly contributes to healthy skin. It also rejuvenates the skin making it look younger and fresher.

The ointment comes as a white cream that soaks into the skin with only a few rubs. It is not at all sticky, neither does it leave your skin sweaty, unlike most other ointments, thanks to the beeswax, which also helps to maintain the salve’s consistency. I have applied it on my lower back several times to relieve muscle pain after the gym. I am really satisfied with the quick muscle pain therapy this salve offers.    

Since the salve is unscented, I could easily apply it anytime without disturbing the people around me with any sort of pungent and annoying smell.

CBDa Topical Salve, Pink Grapefruit Scented

This CBDa Topical Salve is another effective salve scented with pink grapefruit. Like the unscented salve it is also made up of beeswax, jojoba oil, hemp extract with an addition of pink grapefruit essential oil. This one is also a white-colored ointment that instantly absorbs into the skin for super-quick results. The jojoba oil moisturizes and protects the skin making it healthier and younger.

The pink grapefruit oil also contributes to skin recovery with its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It strengthens skin immunity against UV rays and air pollution. The oil is also effective against cellulite. I applied the salve at various cuts on my hands and it proved magic -10 minutes and the cut is fully healed. Thereby, you can also use this CBDa topical salve on wounds, bites, and cuts to heal them quickly and prevent skin infections.

The pink grapefruit oil also grants the salve an energizing and sweet citrusy scent balmy and more like a perfume. I applied it several times around my friends and they could not believe that it was not a perfume but a salve.

Bonus Gift Card

Planetarie offers a gift card starting from $10 to up to $150. I chose $50 and got the card in my email, which I gifted to my sister on her birthday. You can choose from the provided amount and get it in your email or attach it to your Apple wallet. The good thing is that you can send it to anybody you want.  


Overall, I found Planetarie’s CBDa product line super effective. The brand follows an environment-friendly approach to offering cannabinoids-based products for both wholesale and retail. It focuses on retaining the maximum benefits of the compound by using a water-based extraction method that preserves its raw form and is non-destructive to the plant. The brand also maintains transparency at all levels of operations from growing hemp to distributing the end products. Their drink additive is an easy-to-consume CBDa extract that can be added to a variety of beverages. It is super effective in relieving inflammation and relaxing and mind and body.

The CBDa Infusion has immensely helped me deal with stress and improve sleep quality. The tasteless and odorless CBDa softgels are an alternative to infusions for people who do not prefer to orally intake CBDa. CBDa topical salve scented and unscented, both are amazing in relieving muscle pain and rejuvenating the skin. The pink grapefruit scented salve can also be used to treat cuts and wounds.

Indeed the brand offers some excellent products, it needs to provide more flavors, scents, and serving sizes.  

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