Full Review of RX Canna Care CBD Products

Full Review of RX Canna Care CBD Products

In this CBD review, I’ll be reviewing some of RX Canna Care CBD products, including 1200mg CBD tincture (30ml)CBD Recovery,  CBD Cleanse, and CBD Reduce. I am being completely honest with these products in the article, no partiality! 

Many thanks to RX Cana Care for sending me their products to review. This will be my first time reviewing this brand of CBD products. They have a range of CBD products for pain, skin care, pets, and wellness. Before going into the details of the products, I’d like to share the heartwarming story of a brother behind the establishment of this brand.

Story Behind The Brand

Twompson Prater, the CEO of RX Canna Care, told me about his sister’s skin issues that only got severe with treatments over time. Concerned about his sister, he took his love for science and cannabis to a practical level and started his research and experiments. Keeping all the issues of his sister in mind he came up with 100% natural skincare products that are suitable for all skin types. So it’s good news for people having issues finding a suitable CBD product for their skin types.  

Here’s a part of website’s about section:

 “Now based in Los Angeles California, RxCannaCare strives to provide quality from farm to consumer, activating the mind and empowering the body to work in unison at their most optimal state, promoting maximum health, lasting youthfulness and longevity. We are a progressive generation passionate about creating synergy between health and overall wellbeing while becoming advocates in a movement that spreads truth and awareness about the benefits Mother Nature has long been providing us. We are the farmers, we are the manufacturers, we are RxCannaCare, CBD You Can Trust.”

RX Canna Care CBD Products – First Impression

RX Canna Care has maintained a simple and decent brand impression with minimal packaging, which I usually prefer as a user. They do what they are meant to do –guide and inform, nothing fancy or extra. You’ll find quantity measurements like mg, ml, CBD per drop, and a total number of drops. Some facial and wellness products also mention the main ingredients, their use, and benefits.

1200mg CBD Tincture (30ml)

The CBD tincture is available in two strengths, 1200 mg and 6000 mg in a 30 ml bottle. Although they offer 3000 mg concentration too, that’s currently unavailable. Since I am a regular CBD user, this bottle size worked fine for me. But for people trying this out for the first time or want smaller quantities, the brand offers 15 ml bottles as well.

This treat-all serum is a blend of pure MCT oil and CBD extract. The COA report from Encore labs the THC is non-detectable, so there is no chance you’re going to get high by consuming this CBD oil.

I lunged at trying this oil before other products because it was claimed to help with digestive issues and muscle pains, which it actually did. I would highly recommend this to anybody suffering from mild digestive issues or muscle pain. While in the long-term, it promises to counteract tons of chronic diseases in their initial stages before they get difficult to cure. I also found this CBD oil tincture quite effective in relieving stress.

Suggested Usage

RX Canna Care recommends using this tincture about 1-3 times in a day as needed, considering 1mg per 10 lb. For instance, if a person is about 150 lbs, his per dosage consumption will be 15-50 mg. Mentioning of consumption, I take lighter doses directly while adding more concentrated drops in drinks usually shakes. 

CBD Recovery –Pain Relief Cream

Sore muscles, aching joints, or body cramps, I found this CBD Recovery cream an excellent therapy for all. This topical pain reliever is a blend of herbal extracts, including menthol, aloe, arnica, and CBD. These constituents together work wonders in soothing muscle aches, relieving cramps, easing joint stiffness. What I liked the most is that there was no sign of redness or irritation, which I had experienced with a few recovery creams before. Instead, with this CBD recovery cream, my skin felt hydrated and cool. I’d credit the aloe content in the cream for insulating and moisturizing my skin. 

This topical pain reliever works on all skin types without any side-effects. I had a few friends try it too which confirmed this claim. Another mentionable feature I noticed was the instant-working formula. Only a quarter bit of the product effectively relieved pain and tension. Hence, I did not have to wait even a minute to see results.

Suggested Usage

You can use it as many times as you need. Gently apply a small amount on the affected area only. Make sure to wash your hands after applying.  

CBD Cleanse –300mg Facial Cleanser

This CBD cleanser consists of Vitamin A, C, and E along with Jojoba Ester, Ginkgo Biloba –also known as the maidenhair tree, and Green Tea oil. These constituents efficiently counteract aging symptoms, especially wrinkles, which I don’t have so I cannot really say anything about that.    

I usually applied this cleanser as a part of my night skincare regimen before applying other products to clear my skin of any oil, dirt, or makeup from the day. And I tell you, it really did it in one application. The micro jojoba particles unclogged my pores in seconds and virtually erased almost all blackheads, giving me soft and glowing skin. I also tried using it before applying makeup, and the results were worth it, no cakey base or uninvited oily highlights.  

Since it’s a non-drying formula it was easy to wash and didn’t leave any residue on my skin. Thanks to the citrus plant extract for the light and pleasant fragrance of the cleanser. So if you are not a fan of typical fruity fragrance, this can be a good option to try.  

Suggested Usage:

You can use it at any time of the day. Take the required amount and gently apply it to your face, starting from your chin and taking it up to the forehead.

CBD Reduce –Retinol Anti-Aging Night Cream

CBD Reduce came as another great addition to my night care routine. It is an oil-infused retinol lotion rich in essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins with Vitamin A being the most prominent constituent.

Featuring such an exceptional composition, I expected it to repair and rejuvenate my skin, but not as instantly as it did. After 3-4 applications, I noticed my skin looked healthier too which I assumed it produced collagen or improved blood flow as mentioned on their website.

With this cream, I have also experienced a drastic reduction in my acne and scars, which often used to get painful with other products. I’d especially recommend this product to people suffering from skin damage. Not only did it recover my skin from photoaging, but also made it younger and glowy.

Suggested Usage:

Make sure to completely clean your face before applying this night cream. Take a small amount almost like a pea size and apply it on your face, starting from the chin all the way to the forehead. Since it is designed for night use, avoid going out in the sun after applying.

For people with sensitive skin, I’d say use it once or twice a week to let your skin easily gets used to it. If you see unwanted or harsh results, which are rare, better not try it any further. However, once your skin has built sufficient tolerance, you can increase your dosage.


By experimenting with RX Canna Care products, I can say that their naturally effective composition has helped me deal with skin issues, digestive issues, muscle pain, sun damage, and stress. I’d say RX Canna Care fits the category of considerable CBD brands. Its organic yet versatile products with the right usage are helpful for a variety of users sans painful side-effects. I’d highly recommend these products to anybody looking for a reliable CBD brand, as it does what it claims.

Considering the packaging, the brand has focused more on the product than its presentation, hence keeping it minimal yet purposeful. I am not bothered by that at all because it all boils down to the quality offered.

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