Best Vape Coils to Buy in 2021

Best Vape Coils to Buy in 2021

Hundreds of thousands of vapers use their devices every day, and numbers are only on the rise as we enter the new decade. As a result, dozens of vaping products are currently available on the market ­— each with their own variations. With so many vape deals in the UK to choose from, it can be hard to find the right fit for your personal vaping needs.  

In this article, we’ll be listing the best vape coils to buy in 2021 to help you make the most educated choice possible. From cost to quality, we’ve closely examined each item on our list to ensure they’re up to standard. So, whether you’ve been vaping ever since 2003 or have yet to touch a vape pen, we’re here to help. Keep on reading for the newest vape deals of 2021!

What Are Vape Coils?

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the components that make up your vaping device — a lot more. While there are a few key pieces that play crucial parts in your device’s operation, the vape coil is arguably the most important of them all. If this sounds confusing, you’re not alone. Here is a simplified explanation:    

A vape coil is, essentially, what gives life to your vaping device: you can think of it as a heart. It is the component that transforms your e-liquid into vapor through heat, sending it from the tank of your vape all the way to your lungs. Like any other vaping product, there are many coils to choose from, depending on your vaping style.

Ready to add to your vaping collection? Here are some of the best coil vape kit deals in the UK to choose from this year:

Best Value Vape Coil to Buy in 2021:

Vaporesso – GTX Mesh Coil (5 Pack)

Fans of Vaporesso’s high-quality products will find nothing to be disappointed by with the brand’s GTX Mesh Coil Pack. After releasing a high-quality line of vaping devices, including the celebrated Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Vape Kit, the brand has returned to supply even more vape deals for the everyday user. 

Boasting a mesh coil build that screams durability, we were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to replace these coils in our vaping devices; no matter how familiar you are with operating a vape, the GTX Mesh Coil Pack is crafted to be as easy to use as possible. Where other coils might force you to waste precious minutes during replacement, we were able to install the GTX pack in record time — and get back to vaping soon after.

GTX coils are also renowned for their heating abilities thanks to a larger surface area: an improvement we noticed immediately. The feature greatly enhances e-liquid flavor compared to standard coils and, as a result, also produces some truly impressive clouds.       

The best part about this pack, however, is its low price point. For such a premium product, Vaporesso has just produced one of the best UK vape deals of the year with this release. Users could even pick up an extra e-liquid with their leftover savings!

The GTX Mesh Coil Pack is designed to be used with the Vaporesso Target PM80 vape kit and comes in 0.3-ohm, 0.6-ohm and 1.2-ohm variants. It is best suited for use with high VG e-liquids (60% or above).

Best Premium Vape Coil to Buy in 2021:

Freemax – Fireluke 904L X Mesh Coils (5 Pack)

Equipped with a patented Tea Fiber Cotton formula and military-grade stainless steel 904L mesh, it only takes one look to understand why the Fireluke 904L Mesh Coil Series is an absolute force to be reckoned with.

Durable, practical and crafted with only the most high-quality components available, these coils are love at first sight. Its high-end heating capabilities and impressive wattage ranges work together effortlessly to create thick, voluminous clouds of vapor with each exhale. If you are someone who prioritizes vapor quality over everything else, this is one of 2021’s vaping deals you cannot miss out on.  

Users will notice the pack’s higher piece tag, but we can confidently say Freemax’s coils more than prove their worth during use. Even when using a variety of unique e-liquids, the coils were able to maintain great flavor during long vaping sessions.

Made complete by the upgraded FM CoilTech 4.0 Technology, this is a premium collection of coils that fully deserve all the praise it has received. If you have a device that is compatible with these products, we heavily recommend picking it up the next time you go searching for vape deals in the UK!

The Freemax Fireluke 904L Mesh Coil Pack is designed to be used with Freemax’s Fireluke M, Fireluke 2 and Fireluke 3 Sub Ohm vape tank devices. It is offered in 0.2-ohm, 0.5-ohm and 0.15-ohm variants.  

Best Long-Lasting Vape Coil to Buy in 2021:

Voopoo – PnP Vape Coil (5 Pack)

An incredibly reasonable price isn’t the only thing that makes Voopoo’s PnP Vape Coil Pack one of our favorite UK vaping deals of 2021.

It is evident that a great deal of care went into the production behind this coil pack from the start. Crafted with a mesh dual-coil build, users will find these coils to be some of the most durable vaping components on the market — which is a great money saver in the long run. Unlike some other brands, you won’t need to worry about continually purchasing a new pack, as these will remain intact for an extensive length of time.

Such durability doesn’t come at the cost of other improvements, as these PnP coils are able to produce some of the best flavors in recent memory. No matter what kind of e-liquid you choose to use with your device, Voopoo’s PnP coils will provide you with an experience so incredible you won’t ever want to abandon your vape.   

The Voopoo PnP Vape Coil Pack is designed to be used with Voopoo’s Drag X Vape Kit, VINCI Vape Kit and Drag S Vape Kit devices. Find it alongside other vape deals in 1.0-ohm, 0.8-ohm, 0.6-ohm, 0.45-ohm, 0.3-ohm, 0.2-ohm and 0.15-ohm variations.

Best Discounted Vape Coil to Buy in 2021:

SMOK – RPM Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

While it is already listed at a bargain price, the SMOK RPM Replacement Coil pack makes an appearance on our list thanks to the generous discount you can find it under at — making it one of the best vape deals of the year.

Like the others on our list, SMOK’s RPM Replacement Coils are designed for the modern vaper with a variety of quality features that set it apart from the competition. Whether you have no experience with vape device components or pride yourself in being the ultimate vaping craftsman, we know that this pack has something in store for you.

From consistent flavor to impressive durability, it was difficult to find anything to dislike about these coils; we can’t even think of one! While it might not be as fancy as premium coils or simplistic as starter coils, this is a quality product deserving of anyone’s time. As always, the SMOK brand has proven to be a name worth its fame.   

The SMOK RPM Replacement Coils Pack is designed to be used with SMOK RPM POD systems, including the SMOK Nord 2 Vape Kit, the SMOK Alike Pod Kit, the SMOK RPM80 Pro Pod Kit and the SMOK Nord 4 Vape Kit. Find it alongside other UK vape deals in 0.4-ohm, 0.6-ohm, 1.0-ohm and 1.2-ohm variations. 

Best Starter Vape Coil to Buy in 2021:

Geek Vape – ALPHA MeshMallow Vape Replacement Coils (3 Pack)

When it comes to vaping, the enjoyment you get out of your device can be heavily impacted by ease-of-use. While you won’t — and shouldn’t — notice how long it takes you to replace good coils, a complicated coil can be cause for frustration.

Fortunately, Geek Vape had the impatient vaper in mind when they created their ALPHA MeshMallow Vape Replacement Coils. With impressive power wattage ranges and pure Egyptian cotton wicking material, these coils have been crafted to produce some of the most satisfying vapor of any vaping device. We noticed a particular emphasis on flavor thanks to ALPHA’s incredible wicking capabilities, enabling the user to enjoy a vaping experience that’ll keep them coming back time and time again.

Still, these coils beat the competition when it comes to simplicity. The tank’s design is straightforward, with a top cap release mechanism that opens easily for e-liquid refills. Its premier-quality mesh coils also boost its overall durability; you won’t have to worry about this coil going out on you after just a few uses. If you’re a newcomer to vaping, or simply prefer a product that doesn’t take much brainpower to operate, this is the right choice for you.  

The Geek Vape ALPHA Meshmallow Vape Replacement Coil Pack is designed to be used with ALPHA Sub Ohm Tank devices. Find it alongside other vape deals in the UK in 0.2-ohm and 0.4-ohm variations.

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