A Full Review of CBD Unlimited Premium Blue Range Products

A Full Review of CBD Unlimited Premium Blue Range Products

In this article, I’m going to review CBD Unlimited Premium Blue Range Products. I will be sharing my personal experience, after testing, with each one of these CBD Unlimited products, including DropsX 10mL Orange, DropsX 10mL Peppermint, 30ct 10mg Night CapsulesX, CapsulesX, BalmX, and the last but not the lease MistX.

About The Brand

Todd David, the founder of CBD Unlimited, wanted to have a proper way of dosing control. With this vision of Todd’s and the guidance of Dr. Daniel Kiddy, CBD Unlimited conducted four different studies having 180 volunteers. Those studies unveiled several scientific ways of controlled dosing CBD products.

Based on these endeavors, CBD Unlimited claims that they produce the most well-balanced and highest quality products for their consumers. Though today, there are tons of CBD brands, let’s find out in my review if this claim really is true.

The brand extracts CBD from the highest quality U.S. grown hemps that enables them to come up with their desired standard of products. Moreover, all of their products are sugar-free so they won’t hurt your diet.

The company’s dedication is also visible through its attempt to reach out to me for honest reviews. I am extremely happy for their cooperative and hospitable attitude in bearing with me for my time management issues as I had been quite busy for the past few weeks.

CBD Unlimited Packaging

I’d quite like to highlight the packaging of the brand before its products. They seem to have put a lot of input into this section. It features a black background with three shiny colored-fonts, white, blue, and green, that clearly display the written content. The choice of colors visibly symbolizes strength and sophistication (black), nature (green), purity (white) and hygiene (blue). Hence, the packaging goes beyond labeling the products to delivering a powerful brand message based on its inclination towards finding natural remedies for day to day body issues.  

I found all the required ingredients and dosage information on the package and did not have to check the website for that, which saved my precious time. What amazed me was how every piece of information was organized without cluttering.

CBD Unlimited Premium Blue Products –Full Review

Below is the list of CBD Premium Blue products that I’ve recently been asked by the CBD Unlimited to give my reviews about.

DROPSX 10ml Premium Hemp Oil Orange:

DROPSX Premium Hemp Oil consists of grape-seed oil, orange flavor oil, and hemp CBD oil. The orange flavor was what really hooked me. Not that I am a fan of orange flavor, the last time I tried a CBD product in this flavor, I regretted. Hence, I tried it before anything to be brutally honest, but to my surprise, it was way better than the last one I tried. I enjoyed the summery orange flavor directly in my mouth and onto the food I mixed it with. You can also take it either way.       

Two to five drops of DROPSX twice a day keep the bad day away! 

This premium hemp oil with orange flavor has significantly helped me in boosting my mood and reducing anxiety levels. I used to feel more relaxed instantly after each dose. In the long run, the product claims to improve joint and muscle function, which I couldn’t experience in a week, obviously. I used to take 3 drops twice a day, but you can take up to 5 if needed. 

DROPSX 10ml Premium Hemp Oil Peppermint

My fondness towards peppermint brought this product to number 2 on my review list. The only difference between this oil and the one mentioned above is of the flavor. Hence, for people who do not like the orange flavor, they can try refreshing peppermint. I quite liked its light taste which allowed me to swallow it even without mixing with food. The taste and the freshness remained in my mouth for a long time.   

The dosage is also the same, 3-5 drops each time. I tried over-dosing twice, but luckily nothing harmful came out of it.

30ct 10 mg Night CapsulesX

The Night CapsX is a blend of Organic Turmeric, Lemon Balm, L-Theanine, Valerian Root Extract, and Delayed Release Vegetable Capsules. Turmeric is known to prevent heart diseases and counteract the symptoms of depression. Thanks to L-Theanine for its relaxing and anti-anxiety effect which along with the lemon balm used to quickly drift me into deep slumber and ultimately improved my sleep quality.   

This organic mixture has not only helped me sleep well but also enabled me to wake up with a fresh mind and body from the very first dosage. Due to my busy routine in the past few weeks, I found myself a little grouchy in the mornings. But with these capsules, I felt a change in my mood and energy level after waking up.

Hence, I’d highly recommend this to people with sleep issues as it proved quite effective for me in that regard. It even aided in relieving stress, which highlights the efficiency of the blend. I used to take one capsule 20-40 minutes before bedtime as recommended on the packaging.    


CapsulesX formula involves turmeric, Rhodiola, ginger root, Ashwagandha, and Delayed Release Vegetable Capsules. Ashwagandha is an ancient herb loaded with health benefits that enhance the overall quality of life. The major benefit that I experienced was reduced stress. I felt more calm and positive shortly after taking these capsules. This ingredient is also known mitigate anxiety and depression.

The ginger root is an added feature as it helps to deal with stomach issues, improving the digestive system. Rhodiola is another amazing ingredient which effective in improving strength, stamina, memory and focus. 

There is not a special hour, and you can take them any time you need. I have taken these before meetings and after a friends’ get together. The recommended dosage is 1 capsule once or twice a day. 


This topical pain reliever contains moringa oil, beeswax, grapeseed oil, sweet birch oil, hemp seed oil, arnica oil, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), lemongrass oil, MCT coconut oil, lavender oil, clove bud oil, and menthol crystals.

The clove bud oil is among the major problem solver here. It reduced pain and improved blood circulation where applied. The warmth of arnica oil further released muscle stiffness and tension.

The menthol crystals moisturized my skin leaving a cooling effect on the applied area. I credit the smoothness of my skin to coconut oil that protected my skin from external and internal damage. It’s more like a balm + a scented moisturizer.   

I like the light lavender fragrance of the balm. BalmX’s pleasant scent is nothing like those strong and bland smells most balms typically have. This 60mL pack of BalmX comprises 1000mg of CBD infusion. I have tried using these twice or thrice a day and it was equally effective each time.


MistX is an alternative for people who prefer sprays over balms. With an almost similar composition as the BalmX, it contains isopropyl alcohol, menthol crystals, sweet birch oil, eucalyptus globulus oil, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), camphor powder, arnica oil, clove bud oil, and peppermint oil.

The sweet birch oil and the clove bud oil complement each other and enhance the results. Both these ingredients highly contribute to relieving muscle and joint pain. Isopropyl alcohol is rubbing alcohol that disinfects the affected area, which makes this spray suitable for external injuries as well.  

The peppermint oil and camphor powder give this spray a slightly stronger scent, which I did not mind, but I’d recommend the brand to introduce more fragrance options.  

This instant pain reliever does the work less in 5-10 minutes. I did not have to wait any longer than that with any application. Although not the most instant, it is way better than the ones taking over 20 minutes to function.  

This 30 ml bottle contains 500 mg of CBD. The quantity was sufficient for me but I would suggest CBD Unlimited introduce variety in sizes and concentration of its topical products.


I am overall pleased with CBD Unlimited Premium Blue range products; however, I’d urge the brand to bring in more variations in their products to suit more customers. The detailed packaging is quite appreciable. The generous quantity and quality of products are worth a try. I’d highly recommend the topical balm and spray for muscle and joint aches, cuts, bruises, etc. I always prefer these organic products over synthetic products that are loaded with chemicals and even toxins. The night capsules are a great way out for people with sleep issues. These capsules enhance the quality of sleep and offer a boost of energy in the morning. Also, you don’t even need a prescription for these products.

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